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Practicum Student Client Services

Tyra (she/her) is a student in the Master of Counselling program at the University of Seattle (Edmonton Campus). 

Tyra grew up in Andrew AB and loves working with rural clients. Her ultimate goal is to live locally and build an animal assisted therapy farm. Tyra is passionate about journeying together with her clients into the unknown, while providing clients with a safe place to land within themselves and their environment. Tyra’s purpose is helping others attune to their authentic selves, and find how they can be guided in their lives by love instead of fear. 


Tyra is building upon a foundation in Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal Theory, Person Centered Therapy & Logotherapy. 


Tyra is honored to live, work and play upon the ancestral lands of the Plains Cree and Métis people. May the wisdom of the land never be forgotten, and the wisdom and resiliency of its people shared and rejoiced for another 10,000 years. 

What clients and students can expect:

  • Same great therapeutic support and services as if a fully registered therapist.

  • Thorough supervision by Owner/Principal therapist Karlana Noel at all times

  • Discounted rate for clients who are receiving services from our students, with the same quality

  • Collaboration and support throughout 

Currently Karlana is a pre-approved supervisor of practicum students for Yorkville University's Master of Counselling Psychology program and City University Seattle Master of Counselling Psychology program. Karlana provides supervisor and support for clients and students throughout their journey.

To book with Tyra, please click the link below:


Practicum Students / Supervision

Karlana is excited to offer supervision to Master of Counselling Students and Counsellors requiring additional supervision for registration or clinical practice.  As well Karlana, offers Mediation Experience and Co-Mediation support and supervision for individuals pursuing Registration as Mediator. 

Offering limited on-site practicum placement as well as off-site practicum and clinical supervision for counselling and mediation.


If you are seeking off-site supervision, off-site means you are working at a location that offers you space and clients for counselling or mediation throughout your practicum or work experience. Karlana will provide supervision to you externally for clients you are seeing in order for you to achieve your required or requested hours of supervision. 

Should you be looking for a on-site practicum placement or an off-site supervisor and have clients of your own, please feel free to inquire at to see discuss with Karlana if she would be a good fit for your supervision needs. Please submit a copy of your cover letter, resume and current registrations if any at the time of inquiry. 

Currently Karlana is a pre-approved supervisor of practicum students for Yorkville University's Master of Counselling Psychology program.

Karlana specializes in the following areas:




Domestic Violence




Peer Relationships

Workplace Stress

Personality Disorders

Life Transitions

Separation and Divorce


Sexual Assault and Abuse 

Suicidal Ideation and Self Harm

Stress Management

Mediation: Separation and Divorce, Parenting Plans, Child and Spousal Support, and Division of Property.


Best of luck students as you work towards completing your programs!

Express your supervision request through email. Click the box below.
Please submit your request along with your Cover Letter, Resume and Registrations if applicable. 

Practicum mental health counsellor
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