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Our team provides various specialities and areas of support for personal growth.
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Karlana Noel

Owner, Principal Therapist, Clinical Supervisor

PsyD Student

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Registered Counselling Therapist

Canadian Certified Counsellor

Child & Youth Care Counsellor

Alberta Certified Mediator

Mental Health therapist Karlana Noel

I believe therapy provides an opportunity for individuals to express themselves and work towards independence, personal strength, and individual goals. Each and everyone who comes to therapy has their values, beliefs, perspectives, and coping abilities, therefore, when utilizing the most ideal approaches and therapeutic modalities to support each client achieve their goals.

Get to know your mental health therapist
Mental Health therapist Mike Lawrence

Michael Lawrence, B.A., B. Ed.

Associate Therapist

Registered Counselling Therapist
Canadian Certified Counsellor

Mike believes in a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to counselling and is strongly client centered as a counsellor. He believes that it is important to meet clients where they are, and he works from the perspective that clients are the experts of their own lives. He understands the importance of building strong relationships of trust and creating and maintaining an environment of safety for both the client and the counsellor. He has an eclectic approach to counselling. However, he finds that solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy, CBT, and elements of DBT have been successful with many of his clients. Mike has also been trained in Trauma Therapy as well as EMDR and uses these modalities frequently in his practice

Practicum Student

Supervised Practicum Student

Check back for Practicum Student Services or click the link below to be added to a waitlist for future student services at a discounted rate of $70 per session. Our practicum students will offer a wide range of counselling and or mediation services under the supervision of Karlana Noel, Principal Therapist and Owner of 80 Acres Counselling, Mediation & Consulting. 

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