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"Couples counselling provides couples with the opportunity to share strengths and challenges within their relationship with their partner. The counsellor provides prevention, strategies and coping tools to support the couple to manage their challenges.


Couples seek counselling for a variety of reasons. Often times for support with communication and looking for ways to maintain a positive healthy partnership. For other couples it can be focused around repairing or supporting the process of working through challenges of partner withdrawal or infidelity.

Couples may seek counselling for some of the following support:

Financial stress, Physical, mental or emotional illness, Infidelity (emotional or physical, in- person or on-line), Life transitions, Job loss, Blending of families, Changing of values.

Even if you are unsure what your relationship may require you and your partner don't hesitate to book your first appointment to discuss your goals as a couple and to learn about how you can be supported in achieving those goals!"

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