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Personalized Available Services

Counselling, Assessment, Psychotherapy, Mediation, Consulting and Referrals

Sliding Fee Scale available. Please see FAQ's at bottom of page for more information, or Inquire directly with your Therapist. 

Individual Counselling

"Individual Therapy is offered using various therapeutic modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness and Solution Focused Therapy.  Providing the individual the opportunity  to express themselves and work towards independence, personal strength and goals.


Areas of Practice:

Anxiety, Anger Management, Depression, Personality Disorders, Trauma/PTSD, Relationship/Couples, Grief, Stress Disorders, Workplace issues, Life Transitions, Self-Esteem, Pain Assessment & Management, Crisis Response, Personal growth, OCD, Peer Relationships & Bullying, Self Harm & Suicidal Ideation, Stress Management, Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, Child and Youth Care Counselling, Mediation for families and couples.


If you are unsure of what areas of support your are seeking from counselling, don't hesitate to book an intake appointment and discuss all your needs and goals with your therapist. They will be happy to discuss with you what you are seeking from therapy and collaborate with you to complete a detailed treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and goals! "

$180/50 Mins
Sliding Fee Available Inquire Within

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Couples Counselling

"Couples counselling provides couples with the opportunity to share strengths and challenges within their relationship with their partner. The counsellor provides prevention, strategies and coping tools to support the couple to manage their challenges.


Couples seek counselling for a variety of reasons. Often times for support with communication and looking for ways to maintain a positive healthy partnership. For other couples it can be focused around repairing or supporting the process of working through challenges of partner withdrawal or infidelity.

Couples may seek counselling for some of the following support:

Financial stress, Physical, mental or emotional illness, Infidelity (emotional or physical, in- person or on-line), Life transitions, Job loss, Blending of families, Changing of values.

Even if you are unsure what your relationship may require you and your partner don't hesitate to book your first appointment to discuss your goals as a couple and to learn about how you can be supported in achieving those goals!"

$180/50 Mins
Sliding Fee Available Inquire Within

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"Family counselling provides families the opportunity to identify areas of growth and healing to support a healthy progression forward. Regardless of the challenges your family may be facing family counselling can provide support with the following areas and milestones throughout life:

Separation and divorce, providing families the tools and coping strategies to effectively manage this new beginning. Supports children and youth experiencing grief and loss while working with parents to manage co-parenting.


Blended Families, can learn how to manage emotions and the unique challenges of co-parenting effectively between households, through effective communication. While managing and identifying roles and responsibilities for parenting and step-parents.


Additional areas of Family Counselling may include:

Sibling Rivalry, Relocation, Difficult relationships (immediate or extended family), Impact of trauma or grief, Behaviour problems, Parenting struggles, Anger management, Infertility"

$180/50 Mins
Sliding Fee Available Inquire Within

Child and Youth Counselling

Parents strive for their children to be healthy, happy and fulfilled. When our children and youth are struggling, parents feel defeated, this is where a counsellor can provide support.


If your child or teen wont open up, know that more often than not it can be difficult to share your struggles with those closest to you.


This is where counselling can help children and teens: build resiliency, enhance self-esteem and work through anxiety and depression. While supporting them to begin recognizing what is normal and provide them with coping strategies to manage difficult feelings.


If your child is or has been bullied we can support them with tools to manage or heal from traumatic experiences. Counselling also provides children and youth with the skills to develop friendships, and work through difficult transitions and decisions such as grief and loss.


If your child or youth is struggling, feel free to book an intake appointment and begin the first steps to enhancing their understanding of themselves!

$180/50 Mins
Sliding Fee Available Inquire Within


Family Plans

By purchasing a Monthly Family Plan, your family will receive a phone or video call once per month to have a "check-up from the neck-up" for all household family members under your plan. This phone call or video appointment will be set up on a monthly basis at a mutually agreeable time for your family and the clinician calling. In this phone call you can expect the following:


* A personalized conversation with the Clinician for each family member in the home (up to 30 mins per person)


* This is your time to discuss any concerns you may have for yourself or family members in your home in regards to mental health


* If you are referred for a follow up counselling or psychotherapy appointment, you will receive quick access to an appointment within 72 hours of your request.


If you decide to book counselling and/or psychotherapy services at, and you are a Family Plan Member, you will receive a 10% reduction in session fees! Please let the office know that at the time of booking.

Contact for Pricing-
varies based on number of family members in the family


Providing couples and/or families the opportunity and space to facilitate discussion and negotiation between the parties with the intent of achieving dispute resolution, using an understanding-based approach.


Prices vary, based on needs and services:

Spousal Support and Division of Property

Foundations, Parenting Plans and Child Support


This is not a legally binding process, independent legal advice is recommended and required should the parties wish to have the agreement filed with the courts.

Contact for Pricing


Education and training for professionals:

  • Working with difficult employees

  • Putting plans into action

  • Working with exceptional children and youth

  • Importance of Self-care

  • Culturally Humility

  • Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

  • Customized Workshops


In-home parenting support:

  • Building a cohesive parenting plan with your youth

  • Working in partnership with your young people

  • Parenting through the terrible twos, threes and fours

  • Routines and the importance of them for YOU

  • Healthy Menu planning for you and your children, supporting mental health

  • Mental Health and Parenting

One on One Support

  • Tutoring

  • Inquire within

Contact for Pricing

"Don't let your struggle become your identity" - Ralston Bowles

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